One of the biggest data security challenges facing IT and business management today is the problem of maintaining effective control over data that is accessed by employees via mobile devices. Some scary scenarios to consider: Whether it’s the company-issued tablet that was accidentally left at a coffee shop by a sales rep, or a smart

IT mobility began as a trend for personal use. However, business owners and executives in all industries have come to recognize the benefit IT mobility brings to the table; and for some it’s become a necessity. Small businesses all over the world have reshaped their business models to include the use of IT mobile devices


In the past few weeks, Google has been rolling out some pretty amazing updates for the iOS Chrome browser. Recently, the company added history features and sharing to iOS Chrome, and then just a few days ago, Google brought some more features to iOS: full-screen browsing, Google Cloud Print, and AirPrint support. Full screen browsing works

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8 Tips for Windows 8

Monday, 15 April 2013 by

Windows 8 is here and currently being sold on new laptops with the opportunity for consumers to purchase the OS as an upgrade. Soon it will become difficult to find a Windows based PC without it installed as the operating system of choice by manufacturers. If you have recently made the switch like I have, you

  Tablets are everywhere today, no question about it. Just like the iPod of ten years ago and the iPhone of five years ago, iPads, along with Android- and Microsoft-powered tablets, permeate nearly every aspect of our lives—and our jobs. But is their presence in the office something for managers to be worried about, or