One of the topics I have found myself discussing at length with a number of customers of late is the impact of the big market trends on how their IT department is organized and how their various processes flow. Trends such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Converged Infrastructure, Advanced Analytics and Application Performance Monitoring all have

BI (Business Intelligence) is hardly a new concept for small business owners, with a growing percentage of business owners utilizing it in their business. But even so, there are a great many misconceptions that still proliferate about the theories and technology behind it and people often don’t realize how they can benefit from incorporating a

Business emails are piling up in your inbox like it will never stop. This is where email handling tips come in handy if you want to get on top of the constant flood of messages. Managing your business email account be challenging, especially when you need to accomplish many tasks such as reading and responding

My grandmother, wonderful person that she is, regularly voices her opinion to me about her slow computer. Generally speaking, whenever I’m over for a family gathering, I’m often in the back room fixing the computer and trying to speed it up. And you know what the number one problem is that I have to fix

Before anyone can look at reasons to evaluate a network or outsource support they have to have an understanding of what network support entails. There are many elements and tasks that go into supporting a network and the level of support a business needs depends on many factors. Network support should be preformed by a network

If it isn’t broken, why pay to fix it? It used to be that our clients approached us because they needed a skilled trade, someone to fix broken technology. Do any of these sound familiar? My server/network is slow My iPhone/Blackberry/Android doesn’t work properly I’m not confident in my backup system I’m pretty sure my

Researchers at Gartner, Inc. believe that 2013 will be the year of larger-scale adoption of big data technologies. Organizations have gained a better understanding of what big data can do and have identified obvious or potential business opportunities that cannot be met with traditional data sources, technologies or practices. As a result, they are looking

My most recent blog post in The Georgia Straight focused on the topic of IT strategic planning for small business.  At Mobeus Technology, most new clients we encounter exhibit little to no signs of technology planning and strategy within their IT environments.  Historically, IT is tackled on an ad hoc basis and is implemented in a reactive

Operational Maturity Level

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So, what is Operational Maturity Level (OML)? I recently spoke at a MindShare with a Technology Strategy Council, focusing on the concept / framework known as Operational Maturity Level (OML). Full disclosure: I did not invent this concept or its TLA (three-letter acronym). The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University developed a Capability Maturity

Microsoft has revealed some of the changes coming to Windows 8.1, and one of them is the resurrection of the “Start button” which is in the left-hand corner of the computer screen, and makes it easier for users who use a mouse and keyboard. The button was removed in Windows 8, the touchscreen-centric software that was