Cloud computing is big these days and, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ve heard it mentioned one or two (hundred) times before. But, what exactly is the cloud? The reality is that the cloud has been around forever (it was essentially invented when the internet came in to being) and is nothing new. However, it

Define: DRaaS for businesses

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Disasters can strike at any time and in any form. They can be as small as a single computer, crashing with a day’s worth of unsaved work, to as large as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 which took out towns and cities. Regardless of their size, it’s certainly seems that disasters are

Your IT system is the brain, heart, lungs and circulatory system of your business.  Just like you wouldn’t trust any doctor to handle your health, you shouldn’t trust your IT system to any just anyone or any company.  You need and deserve a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who is reliable, trustworthy, capable and who provides

Fashion designer Georgio Armani says style can be defined as “a simple way of saying something complex.” Technology should accomplish the same mission. The best IT solutions reduce complexity, helping customers cut costs, save time and focus on growing their business. One of the most effective ways to reduce IT complexity is through IT modernization.

Is you network protected? Business owners understand the importance of installing a great alarm system monitored by a team of professionals. When a burglar attempts to break into a business, the alarm sounds and the authorities are notified. Common sense, right? However, what about your computer network security? Do you have the same level of threat

Wireless Security in your Business Securing your business’ wireless network must be a top consideration when purchasing and installing a new network or examining an existing one. With small and medium sized business, security is becoming ever more necessary. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help secure your company’s wireless network. 1 –

We all know that you get what you pay for, right? You can’t expect to pay rock bottom wages and get the best employees, or spend next to nothing for a great office space. When it comes to technology, though, things are different. Some companies are still using old-fashioned software at a big up-front cost,

As you’d expect from an event with “consumer” right in the title, the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show kicking off Tuesday in Las Vegas isn’t particularly focused on business’s needs. But the business IT site Information Management has an interesting take on why enterprise should be paying attention to CES anyway. For one thing, a lot

Have you ever experienced (or watch someone else experience) a network hack? Not only is it terrifying, it’s also expensive for a small business owner to manage. When you lose data, you have to not only fix the back end, but the front end too. You can’t just leave your customers in the dark, and

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Day-to-day operations require massive amounts of devotion and time. If there’s a problem with your network, it can take hours, if not days, to fix it on your own. Then, once you do get it up and running again, there’s no telling what kind of data you lost and how much revenue you threw away