Chief Information Officer (CIO) Denis Tanguay’s workload has quadrupled over the past few years, and he has been struggling to stay on top ensuring that systems are secure and available when his employees need it. How did he overcome these struggles? He found a solution in outsourcing. As the CIO for Central Maine Healthcare explained

Businesses have traditionally viewed IT spending as a sort of “black hole,” one that is constantly draining money that will never be seen again in the form of an appreciable return-on-investment. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. When managed correctly, IT becomes a strategic asset for a business that enhances productivity and moves

For decades the focus of business and technology solutions has been on the acquisition and implementation of the tool. In the dawn of computing, hardware was the scarcest portion of early information technology solutions and IBM mainframes, which cost $1M, were a large competitive advantage. In the 80s, we saw the rise of ‘micro-computers’ and the emergence

Before anyone can look at reasons to evaluate a network or outsource support they have to have an understanding of what network support entails. There are many elements and tasks that go into supporting a network and the level of support a business needs depends on many factors. Network support should be preformed by a network

If it isn’t broken, why pay to fix it? It used to be that our clients approached us because they needed a skilled trade, someone to fix broken technology. Do any of these sound familiar? My server/network is slow My iPhone/Blackberry/Android doesn’t work properly I’m not confident in my backup system I’m pretty sure my

My most recent blog post in The Georgia Straight focused on the topic of IT strategic planning for small business.  At Mobeus Technology, most new clients we encounter exhibit little to no signs of technology planning and strategy within their IT environments.  Historically, IT is tackled on an ad hoc basis and is implemented in a reactive

HOW OFTEN DO you travel around your city of residence or within another country, relying on the information found on either a road map or a Google map? The definition of a road map is “a map of roads, and possibly other features, to aid in navigation”. Essentially a road map is a planning tool or

Seeking ways to responsibly reduce your IT support costs? You are not alone. Whether you’re a small or large business, a school or government organization there are some simple things you can do to reduce your IT support costs. Here is time tested advice that we have used for years to reduce our clients IT

IT services will see a 5.2 percent increase in spending to $927 billion this year according to Gartner’s forecast. They are forecasting a steady growth as 2014 spending is projected to grow 5.1 percent. Why are so many companies making the switch to managed IT services? Below are the top 5 reasons: 1. Focus on

When researching your IT company options, one thing to keep in mind is that your infrastructure is only going to be as good as the service you receive. And your service is only guaranteed within the bounds of the service level agreement (SLA) that your IT provider offers. This is one of the sticking points