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IT Support

Seeking ways to responsibly reduce your IT support costs? You are not alone. Whether you’re a small or large business, a school or government organization there are some simple things you can do to reduce your IT support costs.

Here is time tested advice that we have used for years to reduce our clients IT support costs by 20 to 50% on a regular basis. In fact we have had some clients reduce their IT support by 70%  by focusing on these 6 key areas.

1) Review Your Security Policy.  The right security policy is always a balance between providing immediate easy access and securing sensitive systems. The good news is you can have both with a little planning up front.  Password policies, administrative rights, desktop security software and web tools are the key areas to review.

2) Educate and Survey Your Staff. Educating your staff and making self-service resources available for the most common recurring issues is an easy way to reduce calls to your IT support staff or firm. At least once a year survey your staff to learn how they are using their resources and what may help them do their job better. When we perform a survey for a client’s end users we always learn things that reduce costs and add efficiencies.

3) Measure Everything. Every hear “You can’t manage what you can’t measure?” It holds 100% true when getting control of and reducing your IT support costs. For example, tracking the type of IT requests you staff submits allows your IT support staff or firm to identify root causes and trends that will not only reduce costs but provide a more stable IT environment.

4) Invest in Preventative Maintenance. It’s more cost effective to prevent problems than it is to fix them. The tools and services available to preform solid preventative maintenance are relatively inexpensive and you can request your IT support staff or firm provides monthly reports so you can ensure it is being performed.

5) Invest in the Right Systems. Taking the time to get the right applications and infrastructure design is time well spent. Is your business Executive Team meeting with your IT support staff or firm on a regular basis to discuss investment options? Does your company or organization have a written IT Roadmap so your technology is aligned with your business goals? Are there applications or services that would make sense to outsource or host elsewhere? In our experience taking the time to plan your investments in the right systems is not just the most effective way to reduce costs but also the way to start using technology to accelerate your business.

6) Get it Documented. Having a documented IT infrastructure not only reduces costs by reducing the risk of human error and time spent on root cause analysis but also is a critical component of your disaster recovery. There are many tools available that help automate the effort to keep documentation updated.

If you would like help with any of these key areas contact us today.

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