IT Management Changing Their Focus

by / Wednesday, 09 October 2013 / Published in Business

IT Focus

Research from CIO magazine in their “2013 State of the CIO Survey” discusses how CIO’s are now being more effective about building relationships with their non-IT stakeholders and are now viewed more as a business peer. CIO’s  and IT managers are building these non-IT relationships by focusing on solving business problems and providing solutions that are creating product/service differentiators and competitive advantages for their companies.

One of the tools being used to bridge this gap is business analytics.

CIO’s and IT Managers understand “analytics” as they are used extensively in describing computing and network performance. This understanding of analytic measurements is now beginning to be “translated” providing new perspectives in analyzing and developing non-IT business solutions.  This is a valuable step in the evolution of “IT” as being a valuable contributor to an organization, rather than just a “utility” or “break-fix” department more marginalized at each budget cycle.  CIO’s and IT Managers are making this happen by:

  • Meeting more frequently with influential stakeholders and other business unit leaders
  • Delegating more IT operations to trusted lieutenants (we also read this as trusted Managed Services Providers)
  • Developing a cross-functional focus among IT managers and IT staff
  • Initiating technology solutions supporting and promoting new products and services providing a competitive advantage both internally and to external customers
  • Creating quick wins for business partners

Outsourcing day-to-day IT functions to a trusted Managed Service Provider can free up valued IT staff so they can continue to promote IT value by contributing to overall business goals and objectives.  When IT leaders and business leaders start truly interacting with each other not only does the business grown but the level of respect and office environment becomes harmonious.  Give us a call and find out what we have done for our clients.

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