IT Infrastructure: Do’s and Don’ts

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IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you know it or not, your business depends on its IT infrastructure. The infrastructure serves as a support system that includes your processes, equipment, storage, network, and more. Ideally, this system should be like a well-oiled car engine. The less screeching and grinding you hear the better; just the smooth cadence of the pistons, and the wheels keep turning.

The consequence of a poorly designed and maintained IT infrastructure is a lot of screeching—systems breaking, employees complaining, and less work getting done. With no uniform way to organize or do things, employees start creating their own “patches,” some good and some bad, but all different (which is bad).

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts (more like axioms) around IT infrastructure management. Because we could be talking about anything from your email to file storage, we’ve stayed a little general in our advice:

  • Make sure all the “parts” of the infrastructure (meaning both the hardware and the software) are compatible
  • Plan out each change ahead of time and introduce changes piecemeal
  • Create a long-term plan for the future
  • Be prepared for changing circumstances and have a way of dealing with it
  • Leave a collection of documents and a good wiki for other specialists to look at
  • Integrate new “parts” without considering their compatibility with the existing ones
  • Introduce a lot of changes at once
  • Fix problems in with a temporary (“patchwork”) solution and leave it alone
  • Hold to the idea that the infrastructure will never fail you
  • Neglect to leave resources for other specialists that may need the information

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