Solutions Overview

Mobeus Technology holds over 100 strategic partnerships in industry leading technologies. Our commitment to clients is to be the trusted advisor that works with them to evaluate their needs and provide the expertise that is required to apply technology to address current business problems. Our broad range of technology expertise allows us to make unbiased assessments and recommendations based on the proper solution, regardless of the technology required.


Mobeus Technology's proven track record and longevity in the IT space has helped to align it closely with the industry leaders. Mobeus Technology serves as the primary interface to deliver product, exchange information and to escalate product and technology issues. Our technology solutions include Business Continuity, Cloud Computing, Digital Signage, Electronic Medical Records, Infrastructure Optimization, Network Optimization, Point of Sale Systems, security, and Unified Communications.


Business Continuity

The right people, processes and technology can help ensure that you handle planned maintenance and major events in your business without a blip. Put the right pieces in place for reliability, consistent service and a solid return on investment (ROI).

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a combination of software and computing delivered as a service. It provides a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Pooling these resources allows businesses and organizations rapidly to provide staff with access to the applications, infrastructure, or platforms they need to perform their jobs effectively. Moreover, the resources can be accessed via a simple front-end interface, such as a Web browser, and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Depending on the deployment model in use, organizations can even contract cloud solutions on a utility basis, paying only for what they use.

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Infrastructure Optimization

First there was the digital revolution and now the data explosion — an ongoing information flood that has created business challenges including increased regulation, budgetary strains, environmental impacts, storage overload and infrastructure performance issues. To flourish, you have to radically improve your ability to manage through these challenges while driving down the cost of doing business — and that means transforming your IT infrastructure by working through complex IT issues.

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Network Optimization

Business is moving quickly-and so is technology. And as your network grows and new applications and technologies are introduced, there's always an opportunity to improve your network environment to enhance performance, increase efficiency, help reduce costs, and better align your networking infrastructure to your business goals and initiatives.

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Point of Sale

What are POS Systems? Today's point of sale (POS) systems are much more than a cash register. POS systems have become an interactive conduit between customers and retailers. POS systems display items and price, calculate taxes, process returns and voids, produce sales reports, and more. They quickly and accurately collect sales and customer information and help you make better informed business decisions.

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Ever-evolving security threats challenge organizations to find solutions that protect their data, assets and people. No single technology can protect against all security threats. In order to secure your business from external and internal attacks, a multilayered approach that enables proactive and reactive IT security is recommended.

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Unified Communications

Simplify the way you share information and improve collaboration both within your organization and with customers, partners and suppliers. Unified communications and collaboration solutions help you meet your challenges in this demanding economic climate. By combining all your communications into a single, manageable interface, unified communications simplifies the way you share information and improves collaboration both within your organization and with customers, partners and suppliers.

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