Many in IT believe their data is protected just because it is backed up. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, especially if that backup is done to tape. Backup tape is far from foolproof. In fact, experts say that in 42% to 54% of all cases, backup tape ultimately fails. In the average data center backups only work around 85% of the time. 

Mobeus|Backup and hybrid cloud backup is the answer to these problems. With this approach, one backup tier is done to a local disk, a far more reliable approach than tape. A further backup tier is in the cloud, and this is carefully protected by the cloud provider. When it comes time to restore, there are now two options - the on-premises backup or the cloud. And even if the in-house disk is somehow destroyed, say by a fire, theft, major crash or natural disaster, the cloud still provides effective recovery. 

The fastest restores are from the local disk since the data doesn't have to traverse from the provider across the wide area network (WAN), and then across the LAN. With Mobeus|Backup, there are a number of ways to recover your data. If the in-house disk is trashed, and time isn't of the essence, you can have a physical disk mailed to your site using a priority service. A faster way is to start the recovery from the cloud right away. This process is speed up considerably because Mobeus|Backup can store and then recover data based on its importance to restoring operations.



Take the case of a company with 1TB of backup. In this case, some 80% of the backup data and application files are not critical to restoring key operations. Here you can ignore that data for the time being, and restore the 20% that really matters. For instance, Microsoft Exchange and the mail store may take up only 10% of the backup space, but is the app most critical to getting back to business. 

IT and Mobeus|Backup partners can fine tune this storage process, choosing to first restore a group of files or a directory, even going down as small a single file. 

Want to get stored data back even faster? Mobeus|Backup's Virtual Drive houses data than can accessed without going through a restore - meaning near instant access to much needed information. And this is offered to IT and end users alike on a self-service basis.



Mobeus|Backup reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with
traditional backup processes, and provides you with a cloud-based
restore solution that's both cutting edge and easy to use.



Delivering IT Peace of Mind