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If your business needs the ultimate in security, accessibility, compliance and customization for your database and applications management, Mobeus|Cloud™ from Mobeus Technology IT Solutions is the answer.


Mobeus|Cloud is enterprise-class IT Infrastructure designed for resource-intensive applications and databases that require a secure and compliant operational framework. Built with enterprise-grade products and capabilities from Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, A10 Networks, Cisco, EMC, 3Par, VMware, and Microsoft, Mobeus|Cloud is a high-performance computing platform designed to run traditional business applications; the type of applications that require reliable and scalable computing infrastructure.


Delivered in dedicated and shared resource pools from multiple data centers, Mobeus|Cloud is designed for maximum flexibility and utilization of current IT investments. With colocation options and optimized metropolitan network connectivity, Mobeus|Cloud is suitable for hybrid and disaster recovery solutions in addition to its focus on production computing applications.


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MOBEUS|CLOUD reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with
traditional computing, and provides you with a cloud-based
infrastructure solution that's both cutting edge and easy to use.



Delivering IT Peace of Mind