Mobeus|Cloud: The ultimate resource management platform

To thrive in today’s economy you need every competitive advantage you can get. That includes the quality of your IT infrastructure.


Mobeus|Cloud™ from Mobeus Technology IT Solutions offers the ultimate in security, accessibility, compliance and customization for your database and applications management, which allows your business to be more responsive, more flexible and smarter.


Enterprise-Class. World-Class.

Mobeus|Cloud is enterprise-class IT infrastructure designed for resource-intensive applications and databases that require a secure and compliant operational framework. Built with enterprise-grade products and capabilities from Cisco, EMC and VMware, Mobeus|Cloud is a high-performance cloud computing platform designed to run traditional business applications; the type of applications that require reliable and scalable computing infrastructure.


Delivered in dedicated and shared resource pools from multiple data centers, Mobeus|Cloud is designed for maximum flexibility and utilization of current IT investments. With colocation options and optimized network connectivity, Mobeus|Cloud is suitable for hybrid and disaster recovery solutions in addition to its focus on production-computing applications.


Bringing the cloud back to earth

Mobeus|Cloud is deployed across multiple data centers for maximum reliability offering a variety of infrastructure options including public, private and hybrid cloud configurations. Available as small as a single server to the largest enterprise needs, Mobeus|Cloud uses our geographically diverse, world-class data centers to deliver an SLA with zero downtime for infrastructure and operations. You also have access to a full range of management and advanced monitoring of operating systems and applications.


A wealth of benefits

Mobeus|Cloud provides a flexible platform designed to meet your most demanding applications. With high-performance compute, memory and IO requirements, you can count on Mobeus|Cloud to:

  • Reliably deliver your enterprise applications on its zero-downtime IT infrastructure.
  • Achieve advanced disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Comply with security and other compliance requirements.
  • Provide secure connections with a variety of access points for high-speed, low-latency access.
  • Complement and enable existing IT investments through integration with Juniper Networks, A10 Networks, Extreme Networks, Cisco, EMC, 3Par, VMware, and Microsoft technologies.
  • Optimize your IT cost structure between capital and operating costs.
  • Contract for flexible resource pools and deploy (and re-deploy) as your IT environment changes.
  • Colocate existing IT infrastructure in one of our data centers and use advanced services within the facility.
  • Control your IT environment and supporting resources through an advanced customer portal.

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MOBEUS|CLOUD reduces the technical and logistical obstacles associated with
traditional computing, and provides you with a cloud-based
infrastructure solution that's both cutting edge and easy to use.



Delivering IT Peace of Mind