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Leading major technology projects to success has always been a tough challenge. It is even more so in a fluctuating economic environment where uncertainty is the key word and agility the main imperative – dealing with constant changes, delivering high quality on time, managing the transition whilst staying within the boundaries of ever decreasing budgets is the current paradigm.

Our approach

To assist our clients in navigating through their major technology project, our approach addresses the key drivers to success.

Align technology endeavours with the business’ strategic objectives

Far too often, initiatives cannot be compared nor prioritized, and there is inconsistent communication around ‘what is important’, which ultimately leads to lack of focus, wasted time and resources and risk on the overall IT architecture. Approaching major technology projects with a strategic view is the key step to ensuring alignment with corporate objectives and focusing on what really matters - yielding significant benefits.

Put in place intelligent governance and management mechanisms

Complexity calls for intelligence, not just zealous administration. Projects often fail for want of an appropriate governance structure and a critical lack of visibility into what is really happening – inter-dependencies go overlooked, communication gets tangled-up in unclear decision chains, while reporting does not deliver the right information to make the right decisions. Mobeus Technology has understood these challenges and can help in setting-up an experienced Project Manager and providing end-to-end project support to drive unparalleled results.

Relentlessly scrutinize progress and challenge the status-quo

Never take anything for granted. Reviewing projects for performance can lead to unpleasant surprises – but enable timely actions to get things back on track. Mobeus Technology can assist you in assuring your technology projects are on the path to success with independent and impartial Project Advisory reviews led by our experts.

Why Mobeus Technology?

We have built an enviable track record of helping some of the largest and most demanding technology projects in the United States succeed as well as turning around potentially high profile project failures. We recognize that technology is only one of a number of key success factors central to project success. The secret is in identifying the most important success factors and managing them rigorously through the lifecycle of the project. We offer you proven expertise in all the key areas required to make your IT project successful, whatever the project phase and whatever the success factor.

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