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These are difficult times for IT. Cost efficiency is a key driver across organizations.  Budgets are as tight as ever, and stagnant organizations are cutting their IT spend.  Even growing businesses are spending a decreasing percentage of revenue on IT.  In short, the business expects ever more, for ever less, from IT.

Professionalising leads to cost savings

As cost pressures are imposed, investment in new IT solutions is often the first thing to go.  But by simply culling projects, companies are restricting IT's ability to change the company rather than addressing the underlying inefficiencies within IT itself.  The challenge is to transform IT service delivery by making changes to the processes, structure, tools and culture of the IT department. In this way, we can reduce the “run the company” costs – and reinvest in “change the company” activities at the same time.  In summary, we help you professionalize IT.

A professionalized IT organization focuses on people, processes and control, as well as technology.

There are multiple IT functions which benefit from focus to increase efficiency and effectiveness:

  • People who have appropriate capabilities and exhibit the right behaviors working in a proactive customer orientated culture
  • Processes embedded into an organization that balances operational efficiency with innovative change
  • Controls and information flows that inform management and operational decisions in a timely way
  • Technology which lends rigor & effectiveness to end-to-end processes, both in the business and in everyday IT
  • Professionalizing IT will enable you to deliver your IT strategy

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