CIO Service IT Cost Reduction

70% of all companies are either running or planning a cost reduction project - and as IT typically constitutes between 15 and 30% of an organizations cost base, it is an obvious target.

Traditional “slash and burn” cost reduction exercises generate short-term cutbacks but ignore the need for sustainable savings. Long-term benefits are only achieved by applying a robust cost reduction approach that creates a sustainable low-cost IT model while balancing the need to deliver value to the business. 

Our IT cost reduction methodology has delivered substantial results to many clients and the financial baselines we establish ensure that the benefits are recognized not only by our clients, but by their auditors and stakeholders.

Our approach

Our successes in IT cost reduction span an impressive and diverse range of organizations and our breadth of capabilities ensures that, whether you are a CIO seeking to optimize your delivery or a COO/CFO concerned about your cost base, we understand your perspective.

To every cost reduction project, we bring:

  • Our deep understanding of your industry
  • A rigorous and tested approach that has stood up to the challenge of executives
  • A portfolio of realizable initiatives based upon real experience and aligned with your business strategy
  • Enduring cost management and benefits management mechanisms

Why Mobeus Technology?

  • Vendor independence - we are an objective client-side advisor, and always act in your best interests
  • Our ability to deliver as well as to advise. We stand by our recommendations as we are frequently asked to implement them
  • Depth and breadth of technical knowledge across all aspects of IT: infrastructure, operations, development, integration, architecture, business intelligence, procurement and finance
  • Our focus is on cost optimization, not “slash and burn”. Cost reduction is an opportunity to build value, not destroy it

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