CIO Service Features

Assigned CIO

The CIO Service provides businesses with a CIO that is assigned to your account to take charge of managing and guiding your technology decisions. These individuals have an average of 15+ years of technology experience and have managed technology departments at an array of small to medium size businesses.

Schedule Infrastructure Planning Calls

Prior to purchasing or deploying any network hardware or software, you have an understanding of what capabilities your network must have and how your network will need to scale to accommodate growth in your business. As your main technology advocate your dedicated CIO will work with you to help develop and plan for changes to your network to solve problems, expand capabilities, and improve performance. This will ensure that your network is prepared for growth, security and scalability while minimizing costs. The CIO Service will provide regular schedule calls to review your existing infrastructure and discuss and plan growth strategies.

Purchasing Advice and Assistance

As part of any CIO Service, your dedicated CIO will provide you with money and time saving purchasing advice. There are many options on the open market and buying the proper hardware and software can make a huge difference in your ultimate productivity.

Network Audits

During the Schedule Monthly Infrastructure Call, your dedicated CIO will perform an audit that will help you create a baseline for your network architecture and a road map for future needs. Recommendations include ways to reduce network outages, improving throughput, optimizing resources and planning for future expansion.

Project Management

When it comes time to implement a new project or network infrastructure, your dedicated CIO will work with you remotely to manage and guide the project to completion. Some projects may require additional resources in the way of time or personnel and these will be included as part of any project implementation.

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