Unique leadership in IT management

Why Mobeus Technology? Our leadership in managed IT services stems from three fundamental principles that govern our unique approach to information technology management:

Teams, Not Tiers

We have replaced the traditional model of tiered support that drives most managed service providers. Why? Because it’s a flawed model that is frustrating to clients and ineffective in providing timely service and in focusing on customer needs as effectively as possible.

Instead, we triage every support request that comes in and route it directly to the technician best suited to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Put simply, “Tier 3″ issues are immediately sent to “Tier 3″ technicians. The result? Mobeus Technology clients don’t spend half a day dealing with an issue that can be resolved in just a few minutes when the right person takes ownership. What makes our approach even more powerful is that every technician works collaboratively on a service team that is assigned to specific accounts, so you’ll enjoy working with a team of experts who get to know your unique environment very well.


Trouble-free IT solutions begin with thorough IT planning and with an IT strategy that leaves no detail to chance. For that reason, we kick off our managed services engagements with a comprehensive IT assessment. From a holistic perspective, we look at your whole IT program to make sure that all the pieces fit together as efficiently and effectively as possible.

But we’re not just looking at the near term. In fact, every IT assessment we do pivots around planning for the future, and we help you define needs and objectives for the long term. That saves a lot of time, money and hassle.

Prevention Trumps

You’ve heard it said that “an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure,” and we believe that’s more true in IT than just about anywhere else. That’s why we’ve made proactive management the focus of our managed service plans—both of which are designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate downtime by catching problems before they develop.

With preventative maintenance, ongoing management and constant system monitoring—backed up by industry-leading support when you need it—you can feel confident that Mobeus Technology will make sure your IT deployment runs as smoothly as possible…just like you intended it to.

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