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Businesses in the transportation and logistics industry cope with constant pressures and fast-changing market demands. In particular, the last few years have brought significant changes in how these companies conduct business. The need to serve more customers over a greater geographic area and across more suppliers requires these companies to be able to mobilize their global inventory immediately, while complying with trade regulations. It is critical for transportation and logistics companies to get the right goods to the right customer and place at the right time, in the right condition, for the right price. Add to that, there are ongoing market pressures to deliver on your commitment while reducing costs, boosting service, and avoiding customs delays and fines.


Mobeus Technology understands the mission-critical nature of transportation and logistics applications. Our IT services help transportation and logistics companies focus on the movement of goods and people without having to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure. We refine technology strategies and optimize applications to create greater speed, efficiency and flexibility in our customers' IT operations.



Some specific IT services we provide for our transportation and logistics customers include EDI/e-commerce transaction administration, application integration, application functional support, application administration, database administration, operating system administration, WAN/LAN management, desktop and device management, infrastructure management, IT security administration, high availability/disaster recovery solutions and other services as needed. In addition, our world-class facilities and support services deliver highly reliable, secure and cost-effective IT infrastructure solutions.


Using a customized and collaborative approach, we work side-by-side with our customers to align information technology with strategic business processes. Specifically, we create tailored solutions that:

  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of maintaining in-house IT operations
  • Accelerate growth by enabling shorter delivery times and increased profitability
  • Establish the ability to focus on core competencies by leveraging our offsite hosting capabilities
  • Streamline EDI communications with partners and meet current and future trading partner requirements more easily
  • Reduce risks with improved regulatory compliance
  • Provide supply chain visibility, control, and connectivity with deep support
  • Create new levels of customer value through improved customer satisfaction and responsiveness to change


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