Bridging the gap for non-profit organizations



Today, non-profit organizations face obstacles never seen before. They struggle to overcome decreased funding, declining government support, changing expectations, increased scrutiny, greater accountability, growing demand for services, overwhelmed donors, and a host of other challenges during these uncertain time.


For the greatest chance of accomplishing their mission, non-profits must leverage technology in the most impactful way possible. To help bring about the most positive benefits for our non-profit customers, we bridge the gap between vision and performance. We help our non-profit customers operate at peak IT efficiency so they can focus their energies on achieving their mission.



Mobeus Technology brings its infrastructure outsourcing services best practices into non-profit operations. We focus on better execution of IT strategies that result in real, measurable performance. In other words, our goal is to help non-profits enhance their operations so their organizational performance serves their overall mission. We have the experience, know-how and technology to help nonprofits accomplish the required performance. More specifically, our infrastructure outsourcing services help our non-profit customers:

  • Measure performance and establish continuous improvement plans
  • Analyze difficult tradeoffs and competing priorities
  • Interact effectively with target donors
  • Reduce back-office expenses
  • Leverage statistical and quantitative data regarding their constituencies
  • Improve capacity and capabilities for current and future demand
  • Enhance processes and systems for greater transparency and accountability
  • Optimize aging technology


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