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Why do we do what we do at Mobeus Technology?

Why do we have such a focus on personal development and the Culture that comes about from a focus on personal development?


We believe that we have the chance to change the world one person at a time starting with ourselves each and every day.

We believe that by being all that we can be; by being the very best version of ourselves that we will inspire others to do the same and that if more people were living the better version of themselves the world would be a great place.

We believe that working with people and the supporting the systems that support the clients does in fact contribute to changing the world even if it is by a little bit; by helping someone with a problem to not have a problem anymore. We believe that helping others is an honor and not a chore.

We believe that each person has a choice on how they want to live their daily lives and the people at Mobeus Technology want to live the better version of themselves and have the better life.

After all, the same time will pass whether you are living the better version of yourself or not. The same time will pass whether you are asking what you are becoming instead of what you are getting. The same time will pass whether we are giving our very best and adding the extra degree or just enough to get by. The same time will pass. Whether we work on ourselves harder than we do our job…the same time will pass.

Why do we choose this path? Why do we chose this way of life; this way of workmanship?

Why? Why not?

Our Creed | Every employee must live up to these standards:

MobeusTech    I dont ask “what am I getting?” I ask “what am I becoming?”

MobeusTech   I work harder on myself than I do my job

MobeusTech    I begin each day with the powerful intention of being better than the day before

MobeusTech   I give everything I have and then I give some more – I always add the extra degree

MobeusTech   I am relentless – I am focused – I am committed – I am MobeusTech

The 212 Standard:

The first trigger is the 212 degree concept. At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. It’s that one extra degree, just one, that makes all the difference. And so many times, it’s that one extra degree of effort in business, and in life, that separates the good from the great. We interpret this as giving your very best even when no one is watching.

The CANI Standard:

C.A.N.I. (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) – The acronym derives from Kaizen, a Japanese management philosophy espousing bottom-up, incremental improvement through constructive teamwork and personal discipline. We interpret this concept as the discipline of coming to work each day with the powerful intention of being better than the day before.

Our Promise to our Employees:

Our philosophy and our practices revolve around seven human needs which we address with each employee. Working at Mobeus Technology should be and is the toughest job a person can have and it should be. The growth one attains from being an employee at Mobeus Technology is simply unparalleled. This is evidenced by the numerous awards including our five year run with winning the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work (two which were best overall) and the # 1 Company to Work For in Florida for by Florida Trend Magazine.

In exchange for commitment to our creed and philosophies, we in return give them:

  • Certainty/Comfort – They can be certain if they give what we ask, they will get what was promised. They can be certain that they can fail without being fired. They can also be certain that if they do not follow our philosophies and creed, they will be removed. Much like a cancer, we cannot afford a bad egg to ruin the Google type culture every employee works so hard to maintain.
  • Variety – At the same time that we provide certainty, we also provide variety. To keep things fresh and in addition to the immeasurable varieties and differences of each client’s technologies and the personalities we interact with on a daily basis, we mix things up with fun activities. Some of these include sprint races in costume in the parking lot, indoor miniature bike races, offsite outings and a general sense of fun.
  • Significance – Deep down, we all want to be important. We want our life to have meaning and significance. Each employee IS significant for two reasons: 1) they are a human being and should be treated with respect and appreciation; and 2) they hold our client’s relationship in their hands with every interaction and consequently the lively hood of every employee at Mobeus Technology. Dreams and goals revolve around the success of the company and the collective group of people who work here.
  • Connection – To promote a connection beyond job titles and departments we conduct an exercise with each employee which is to have them create a share a dream board with their peers. On this dream board is a collage of pictures that represent goals and objectives that are both professional and personal. By sharing and displaying the dreams and goals, the collective group shares in the effort for this person to accomplish them. We live by the belief that if one of us fails, we all failed them. If one person has a goal to stop smoking and they are constantly with the smokers during a break, one would address this issue with them and point out that their behavior is contrary to their goal and thereby take responsibility of others. This has created a brotherhood similar to what is created within military units. This also assists us in understanding what they want to accomplish and then collectively we reverse engineer the steps it will take to reach them. We believe you can’t change your life unless you change something you do every day. These steps are then entered into our Performance management system and actually measured for adherence and ultimately success.
  • Love and Appreciation – Everybody wants to feel loved and appreciated at some level and when you have a culture that addresses these human needs, love and appreciation develops. Not only do people deeply personal and mutually respectful relationships, they truly appreciate want each person does for external and internal customers. Almost every day an email is being passed around where one employee is saying how great of a job another employee conducted and subsequently, more emails ensure from other employees thanking them.
  • Growth – Everyone must grow to feel alive and frankly keep up at Mobeus Technology. Personal and professional growth is paramount in our culture. One of our most important belief systems is for each employee to work harder on themselves than they do their job, This is a foreign concept to most businesses. We foster growth and learning through coaching, mentorship and through an online learning management system where employees can state what they want to learn, and conduct the training. This is by no means just professional growth and learning. Equally distributed, it also about being a better father, mother, friend, etc., each and every day; to begin each day with the powerful intention of being better than the day before in every facet of our lives.
  • Contribution – We believe every person needs to feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. Not only in our company, but also in the world around them. We address this in two ways: 1) Within our company we teach every employee how every action, system, interaction has consequences to the culture and the overall operations and profitability of the company; and 2) We promote and encourage community involvement from charity work to mentorship in various groups.

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