Cloud Infrastructure

It’s simple. A Cloud is a number of dedicated servers tethered together to make one mass of high power computing resources. Virtually, the processing power of the Cloud is unlimited because we can add servers and resources to the Cloud as often as necessary.

Mobeus Technology offers a cost-efficient solution for sites that need more juice without limitations.

Fully Dedicated Resources

Nothing makes content more irrelevant than inaccessibility. Our Cloud virtual private servers (VPS) are fully dedicated, giving you the resources you need for greater performance, and reliability. Traditional hosting environments, although very reliable and cost effective, can be affected by other site processes, scripts, or activities from others sharing the same server. Think of it like you’re a resident of an apartment complex with everyone living in the same building and sharing the same resources like electricity, gas, and water. That is why the industry calls it shared hosting. With Cloud Infrastructure YOU have exclusive access to your virtual private server. We’ve got your back when your site grows with instant and seamless upgrades.

Self Healing with Automatic Failover

Our VPS Cloud architecture is designed from the ground up with redundancy at its core. A traditional server always has a single point of failure; a hard drive, a power supply, a power outage, etc. Our virtual private server Cloud uses a RAID 10 SAN system, powered by Industry leading network hardware, allowing virtual machines to be moved to a new location on the Cloud in the event of a failure.

High Speed Deployment

Don’t let your web host dictate your deployment schedule. From conception to execution, your Cloud is ready to use in minutes. Stop twiddling your thumbs and start developing.

Powerful technology

We use the latest technology to power the Cloud Infrastructure. VMware vSphere, Parallels Virtuozzo, Xen hypervisor, and Windows Hyper-V. Whether you are want to extend your current infrastructure with ours or are looking migrate to the cloud we are here to help.

VPS is the best solution for those that are serious about controlling their costs. With Mobeus Technology you get the assurance that hardware, software and resources are dedicated exclusively to them.

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