Don’t Let IT Interfere with Revenue

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Don’t Let IT Interfere with Revenue

According to a report by TRAC research, IT services departments spend over 46 hours a month in “war room situations,” the kind of emergency triage when applications don’t work, backups don’t back up, and networks go down.  Basically, IT professionals are spending their time on situations that can seriously, significantly damage a business. Employee hours are lost to putting out fires instead of maintaining and improving systems. Customers may face downtime or reduced service because of IT issues. Business stakeholders see money going down the drain in both employee costs and in drops in customer satisfaction.

But the daily business of IT can be a revenue drain as well—in-house technological expertise comes at significant cost. To save money, some businesses don’t have an IT department at all, which leads right back to the emergency situations that end up costing more to fix than it would have to have hired and trained staff members.

So how do you keep IT costs down and your technology running efficiently and smoothly? How can your IT be a revenue driver instead of a revenue drain? Here are some things to consider when it comes to saving money as well as improving your business’s technology infrastructure.

Keep an Eye On Costs
A report by Markken Net  shows that nearly half of network expenses come from the high fees charged by telecom service providers. IT managers need to keep an eye on the changes in the telecom market, ensuring at least quarterly—if not more often—that their contracts with vendors remain at a fair and competitive price. Optimizing your network or even outsourcing a significant portion of your networking needs can also show substantial savings, and garner you daily professional monitoring and IT expertise.

Consider the Cloud
Data centers are becoming ever more ubiquitious in the business world, and more secure than ever. Cloud services are an important component of the IT centers of many busy businesses because they provide a centralized and off-site method of storing data, controlling costs via the ability to scale networking capacity as necessary to meet business demands, and include industry experts as always-available resources

Tapping into the cloud also allows your business to ditch the physical servers that fill up your server room, letting you reduce heating and cooling costs significantly—a cost savings that usually becomes almost immediately apparent.

Finally, cloud computing provides your company with the safest off-site data storage solution available, circumventing in-house computer backup disasters and ensuring business-critical data remains on hand and secure.

Outsourcing Solutions
Your company’s technology infrastructure is strategically and critically important to the success of your business. That’s why the most strategic decision facing you today is how to make sure it’s reliable, always available, and well-monitored. Outsourcing makes solid financial sense to a number of companies, to reduce complexity and improve business results.   Contact us to learn more.


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