VoIP Telephony gives you ‘the most bang for your buck’

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Upgrades are something many businesses look forward to. They are always on the lookout for the latest technology which can be used to increase profitability. There are other businesses which will look for any means necessary to hold on to old technology just to try and save some money. What these companies might not realize is how much money they are turning their back on because they simply do not have a system which will allow them to be able to compete. This is what companies with old land line based phone systems are finding as they try to compete with businesses that have VoIP telephone systems.


Why the Old Systems Are a Problem

The first thing you need to know about the old land line based phone systems is that they are all but obsolete. The companies which developed the technology for these systems have stopped. They simply do not feel there is a point in perpetuating a phone system which they feel is on the way out. The only reason why companies like AT&T are still spending a lot of money on replacing lines for fiber-optics is because they are looking to upgrade their systems and they are legally obligated to do so.

You will find that the phone companies are upset about the fact that there is still another $350+ billion which will need to be shelled out in order to reach the last ten percent of areas without broadband technology. They are still expanding their networks at the moment and maintaining the old lines as long as the government orders them to.

By buying into these kinds of business telephone systems, you are paying your hard earned money to buy a technology which will not be around for very much longer. This, and other reasons, is why many have been ditching the traditional land lines in favor of either a cell phone or a VoIP system.

Getting into Cell Plans

Look anywhere and you will see a smartphone pressed to the ears of professionals. These phones are more powerful than the original computers which were large enough to fill up an entire room. With the right phone you can have an important conversation with one client or ten. You can also have a video conference which will allow your business to look great in the eyes of the clients you are trying to reach out to.

The only real problem with using a cell phone for business is that it is something which is only for the individual. You cannot set up a phone system on a cell phone in order to reach a mass of people which is exactly what people are looking for in an office setting. While these are great for business on the go, they will never replace the need for a good phone system in the office itself. This is why many have been turning their eyes to VoIP.

The Future of VoIP

When it comes to the future of business telephone systems, everyone points to VoIP. This phone system has the ability to do everything the land lines can do and many things traditional phone system can’t do. Even the quality of these systems in terms of phone calls is superior in every way to the old land based systems. Not only will you be able to have a phone line which is tied into your computer. You will also be able to have a phone system which will allow you to save a lot of money.  Contact us today if you are looking to save money on your phone bill and your phone system.

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