Are You All Aboard Yet?

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All Aboard


  • The Managed Services global market will grow from $143 billion this year to $256 billion in 2018
  • Compound Annual Growth rate will average 12.4%
  • Services include data center, information, mobility, infrastructure, communications and security
  • North America is projected be the largest adopter of managed services
  • North America will generate the most revenue over the next five years
  • Demand for managed services is across virtually every industry vertical



Managing IT goals, objectives, day-to-day tasks, Help Desk, trouble tickets, staff and budgets can get in the way of running your business.  Get on board and with the rest of the crowd and begin using Managed Services. Key reasons to adopt managed services include:

Reason 1:  Increase Revenues and Profitability for your Organization

  • Dedicate your IT resources to your revenue generating projects rather than routine management of reoccurring tasks and Help Desk support
  • Focus your IT organization on key strategic objectives; improving workflows, vendor management, cost management, collaboration, program management
  • Increase profits by reducing costs of expensive IT software tools like; physical and virtual server management platforms, physical and virtual backup and data recovery systems, security systems, virus protection and patch management systems, trouble ticket and Help Desk systems and many more …

Reason 2:  New Technology Management

  • To gain a competitive edge in your market your organization must continually adopt new technologies advancing that differentiator
  • Your ability to implement and adopt new technologies requires an IT staff focused on this objective
  • Your organization is growing and your need to implement technology platforms is increasing, yet you can’t continually grow IT staff
  • You need more computing power, storage and data protection capabilities, but have a limited capital budget
  • IT infrastructure you purchased several years ago needs upgrades and replacement to support higher demand and new applications
  • Mergers and acquisitions, regional, national and global expansions challenge IT resources

Reason 3:  Risk Management

  • Responsibility for secure data, sensitive client and internal documents
  • Secure transactions and communications
  • Compliance
  • Business continuity plans, backup processes and disaster recovery plans
  • Personnel changes, compromises to multiple data systems

Reason 4:  Maximize Return on IT Investments

  • Ability to predict IT budgets and meet objectives
  • Manage capital versus operating expenses, cost control, purchase versus lease
  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance and replacement costs
  • Reduce costs of software acquisition and upgrades
  • Reduction of training expenses

Reason 5:  Deliver Reliable Services to Internal and External IT Clients

  • Respond quickly to user needs and expectations, ability to scale infrastructure as needed
  • Your technology communicates your brand to users and customers
  • Stay up to date with new technologies
  • Be able to increase productivity, customer service and improve operations


Organizations that use a Managed Services provider typically see a cost reduction, increase in productivity and a reduction in risk due to managed security, compliance and data recovery services.  Find out why MobeusTech’s Managed Services Clients give us such high recommendations and stay with us year after year.  Call 719-425-8920 to learn more. All aboard!

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