3 Easy Ways to Improve Computer Speed

by / Thursday, 20 June 2013 / Published in Business

Computer Speed

My grandmother, wonderful person that she is, regularly voices her opinion to me about her slow computer. Generally speaking, whenever I’m over for a family gathering, I’m often in the back room fixing the computer and trying to speed it up. And you know what the number one problem is that I have to fix over and over again? Well, it’s really three problems (and I’ve outlined them below) but they all relate to the same overall theme. That is, there’s just too much stuff on the computer. Unnecessary files, old documents and things that haven’t been used in years. I’ve finally convinced her to invest in an online backup system (through Mobeus Technology, of course) and it’s made all the difference. When I go over to her house she always says “my computer is running so smoothly these days. What did you do?”

Just a little computer magic.

That said, keeping your computer speed at its best isn’t a difficult proposition. The real truth is some simple organization and strategic removal of files and programs will help you keep your computer running quickly and efficiently. Here are my top three tips for increasing the speed of your computer.

1. Free up some space on your disk by removing unnecessary files. For instance, photos take up a lot of space on your hard drive. If you have photos from the last five years all stored on your computer, you might want to consider moving them to a backup hard drive and deleting them from the computer. This will free up space and allow your computer to work faster. Other things you can do to free up disk space include deleting your Internet history, emptying the trash bin, and removing software programs that you do not use anymore.

2. Upgrade to the latest operating system for your computer. Upgrades are essential to the overall lifespan on your computer, and you will want to be using the latest system that is available at the time. These upgrades address glitches and bugs that may have made your computer run slow in the past. A simple upgrade can go a long way in improving speed.

3. Adjust the display properties on your computer and remove visual effects. While these visual effects might look better, they aren’t providing any real value to your computer. Eliminating them can increase your speed, and changing your display settings will help your machine run faster as well. For instance, don’t have a large photograph for your desktop background and change the color quality to 16 bit rather than leaving it at 32 bit.

Now that you have put your computer on a diet of sorts, you will find that the machine runs much faster and much better. A faster computer allows you to quickly and easily check your e-mail and get back to enjoying your life online. After all, if you’re like me and would rather be enjoying dinner with the family, rather than fixing a computer, these tips are your ticket to a better meal. Literally.

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